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Counseling Process

I respect your pace in sharing about yourself, and I do not label you.
The combination of our personal characteristics and social experiences makes each one of us unique in our own ways. Thus, even if we are dealing with similar challenges, your story deserves compassionate and non-judgmental ears that understand that there is no one-size-that-fits-all solution to your current challenges.
I work with you jointly in creating an individualized plan that best address your needs.
We will discuss and establish a counseling plan that addresses your needs. The plan will include actionable items such as homework you can do between sessions, and measurable outcomes that inform your of counseling progress. Homework might include reading handouts or books, taking scientifically-researched relationship quiz, or practicing skills learned during the counseling sessions.
I support you, and I will not judge you. 
I empathically listen to understand, but I do not just sit and listen. I will share my observation in a supportive and direct manner to help you to conceptualize how your past, such as family-of-origin issues, or previous relational wounds, are related with what you are experiencing at present. As you develop awareness on the linkage between your past and present, I will utilize evidence-based therapeutic approaches to assist you to generate solutions to your present challenges, and to reach your goals for the future.
I do not fix you, because I genuinely believe that you are the expert of your own life.
I regularly check in with you to see how we are doing in terms of counseling progress. Your feedback matters. We will work as a team to identify positive coping strategies, and to empower your confidence in your personal strength and wisdom. 

"When you put your two ears together, they look like a heart"-A five-year-old on importance of listening. 

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