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Ting-Yi Huang, LMFT 87929

Relationship Issues

  • Cross-Cultural Couples

  • High-Conflict Couples

  • Affair-Impacted Couples

  • Pre-marital Counseling

A therapist who really hears both partners in the process.

Why and How I Work With Couples? 

Many of us grow up without a blueprint of a healthy intimate relationship. We go from relationship to relationship to form an understanding of what having a healthy intimate relationship means to us.
The internet and mass media is filled with messages that add to our confusion about love. We feel lost. We do not know how to approach conflict. We hesitate to tell our partners what we are really thinking and how we are really feeling.
I understand the anxiety associated with the uncertainty around relationship issues. Hence, I work compassionately with couples in finding their strength as they go through the relationship challenges. 
I utilize several evidence-based therapeutic approaches: 
  • Emotion-Focused Therapy to assist each partner to identify the underlying emotions and messages in their communications.
  • Gottman Method to assist each partner to clarify their own needs and communicate accurately in their attempts to negotiate their emotional needs.
  • Attachment Theory to assist each partner to achieve a balance between interdependence, independence, and dependence and maintain a healthy boundary as separate individuals and as an intimate relationship team.
  • Strength-Based Approach to assist each partner to "catch when the partner is doing good," increasing emotional bonding and connection.

Please call for free consultation on how couples counseling can support you through relationship challenges.

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